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Legit Crypto Lounge, co-founded by Mark and Tobster, aim to bring together real crypto projects with real investors.

Whether you're a first timer looking for your first crypto investment, a seasoned investor looking to add to your portfolio, or a project looking to seek investors, you've come to the right place.

AMA Lounge

AMA Lounge

Mark and Tobster are passionate about creating a community where everyone can learn and earn from crypto.  Through live interactive AMA's (Ask Me Anything) over at the Legit Crypto Lounge Telegram Group you'll get to learn about projects before they even launch.  Don't worry if you can't make them live as the recordings are posted to the Legit Crypto Lounge YouTube Channel too.


With fun giveaways, great educational content, and a community of like-minded individuals from a broad range of sectors with a broad range of experiences, the LCL telegram group is the place to be for all crypto related topics!

Talking of fun giveaways, check out the LCL jackpot NFT range, which are given out free of charge during each AMA.  You never know, you may get lucky and find the jackpot NFT, which contains a very tasty cash prize!

Are you a project owner or community member looking to get eyes on your project and potential investment?  Contact us to find out about the services we offer such as AMAs, and other marketing services including billboard advertising, trending services, audits, expedited listings and much more.


Jackpot NFTs

Introducing the Legit Crypto Lounge NFT series.  This collectable range of 1,000 individually unique NFTs sold out in just 30 days!

During each AMA, Mark and Tobster gave every participant the opportunity to win three NFT's from the range, completely free of charge.  There were also opportunities for active LCL community members to win NFT.  And individuals were able to purchase the NFTs for $20 each.

Along with the collectable element of the NFTs, there is now the opportunity to win $8,000 worth of Jackpot prizes as we organise a 'duck off' to select 3 lucky Jackpot winners.  And to top it all off, the NFTs will continue to earn you passive income well into the future.

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Our Top Picks



Check out the projects that have some real long term potential.  These projects have been hand picked based on a variety of factors but all have one thing in common; they have excellent utility which means they have the potential to not only get through the bear market, but also come out the other end with mass adoption from users.


Meet The Team

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Sold up 'real world' business to focus on crypto full time.  Love delving into the detail of new token concepts and establishing whether projects have what it takes to become successful.

Passionate about sharing opportunities to learn and earn from crypto.  Future philanthropist.




UK based, Experienced investor, seasoned shitcoiner. Every day is a learning day. Connections over money. Father and family, friends and traveling. Business and tourism management. Seeking the financial freedom and passive income life. You will miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. No time for scammers. Be humble, be real. Remember your roots.



Head of Operations

Passionate about sharing knowledge with those who are eager to learn more about how to safely and profitably navigate the space.


Problem-solver and strategic planner with a good understanding of technology and computers.

Official Partners

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